We’re not only used to the extreme uncertainty common in startups, we thrive under these conditions! Our job is to transform ideas into products, and products into businesses using technology to make success happen.

We want to be your startup's technology partner. You give us your vision and we are going to work with you to conceptualize, design and develop your product.



We schedule a short meeting where you tell us a bit about your idea or product and we tell you about us and what we can do for you. After this short chat, we're ready to start an in-depth analysis of your project and if you're on board, we can move on to the next step.


To prepare the groundwork for development, we spend about a week meeting with you, building mockups, writing users stories and asking every question that comes to mind about the project. Through this process, we help you refine the original concept you might have had for your product before jumping into building it. At the end of this step, we'll give you a detailed plan that specifies the recommended team size and the estimated development time for the project.


The core of our work. We set up weekly meetings with you where we use what we got from the Discovery process, and any new requirements that may have come up, to plan short sprints based on the progress we've made and your business's priorities. We’ll spend each sprint building and improving the features of your product. This keeps going as long as you need us and we're prepared for changing circumstances throughout the lifetime of the project.


  • Refine your product by discussing ideas and providing an experienced and different point of view
  • Code the backend for your application
  • Write tests and run quality assurance checks on a product
  • Develop a rich interface using the latest and greatest front-end development tools
  • Build native iOS and Android applications
  • Add geospatial capabilities to your product
  • Setup and maintain your servers
  • Prepare your platform for scaling as business grows


  • Geordie Wardman

    Site: wavereview.com

    talPor was recommended to me by an A list senior Python developer. A guy that gives conferences to top programming/geekout conferences around the world. I wouldn't know good code from bad, but he gave them very high regards.

    That was over 18 months ago, and my experience with Kris and the rest of the talPor team has been exceptional, so good in fact, I plan on making them a permanent part of my team. This is after I've gone through dozens of TERRIBLE programmers in the last 8 years. These guys are so good, I almost don't want to let word out so I can keep them for myself. Shhhh...

  • Jim Venetos

    Site: jimvenetosgolfacademy.com

    Working with talPor has been an excellent experience. The quality of their work, their enthusiasm for my project and their customer support is unparalleled. They have helped me to reach a global market and I couldn't be happier with the work talPor has done for me over the last 3 years.

    I look forward to a long relationship with talPor and I feel lucky to be working with them. 3 words to describe them would be quality, quality, quality.

  • Jenn Saunders

    Site: ienergyapp.com

    A friend and fellow entrepreneur introduced me to talPor. I was nervous to meet with Talpor's team at first, I didn't think my idea was cohesive enough and I was worried they would ask me all kinds of questions I wouldn't know the answers to and then get frustrated and not want to work with me.

    My first call with them put my mind at ease and everything became so much more manageable. I feel like Talpor understood the concept for my product perhaps better than I did and definitely better than I was able to communicate from just that one call. Talpor's insight and perspective is invaluable and makes working together to shape iEnergyApp a pleasure.

  • Marcel Imery

    Site: tumotorizado.com

    Digital entrepreneurs must deal with many hurdles and if the team behind the venture has no IT background, as in our case, finding the right IT development service provider is key and it can take a very long time. We met with 5 IT service providers during a time span of more than 16 months. In all cases we never felt the team was the right fit for Tumotorizado.com.

    When we first met with the Talpor team and drew our ideas on a blackboard they immediately engaged with our project. It impressed us that the challenge ahead was one of their biggest motivators

    As of today, we have been working with them for 2 years and are extremely happy with the results. They gather in one sophisticated team all the experience and personalities necessary for a startup to thrive. We can only forecast a bright future for Tumotorizado.com thanks to its great management team and strong IT infrastructure developed by Talpor. Talpor rocks!

  • Jeff Sites

    Site: tunesalive.com

    I've worked with talPor for several years as a small business owner and a web developer. Their team is professional and very well suited for new businesses and entrepreneurs. talPor's two greatest strengths are its ability to allocate development resources in a lean and targeted manner, and its highly qualified leadership team. From helping clients translate their project goals into development milestones, to providing topnotch technical expertise tailored to fit within a budget, talPor is an excellent partner.