Start date: February 2013

Tags: Django, Infrastructure

WaveReview solves the core function of how our customers can get their adoring fans to leave reviews on the social review sites, but getting notified before the customers that had a bad experience slam them on the social review sites.


1 Developer
QA Team
  • WaveReview needs to send out a lot of emails based on events to keep a user's customers engaged. We built a flexible user-configurable system of templates and rules to accomplish this.
  • We integrated with several APIs (Google Places, Yelp) in order to gain access to reviews and customer information.
  • Data related to product purchases and reviews are extracted from Amazon's Marketplace platform so that Amazon sellers can keep track of their buyers.
  • Reporting is vital to WaveReview and we use the great HighCharts library to generate beautiful and useful graphs.



Geordie Wardman


talPor was recommended to me by an A list senior Python developer. A guy that gives conferences to top programming/geekout conferences around the world. I wouldn't know good code from bad, but he gave them very high regards.

That was over 18 months ago, and my experience with Kris and the rest of the talPor team has been exceptional, so good in fact, I plan on making them a permanent part of my team. This is after I've gone through dozens of TERRIBLE programmers in the last 8 years. These guys are so good, I almost don't want to let word out so I can keep them for myself. Shhhh...