Start date: July 2012

Tags: Django, Web Design, Mobile, Infrastructure

Marketplace for online retailers seeking instant delivery & for independent messengers. Using the website, native iOS or Andoird App, and the API, retailers broadcast offers to MotoEntrepreneurs. The first messenger who accepts the offer carries out the delivery. For added security, a picture of the hired messenger is forwarded to the client upon assigning of the delivery task.


Project Manager
1 to 2 Developers
  • In this business time is critical, we use geolocation to broadcast errands to messengers near the starting point.
  • Messengers are on the road at all times, that's why we must guarantee access to the platform from almost any device. We have a fully responsive site and we built native applications for iOS and Android using PhoneGap.
  • Offering the service to anyone who wants to send something in the city is key for the project, with this in mind we implemented a REST API using Django REST Framework allowing any e-commerce to be easily integrated with our platform.



Marcel Imery


Digital entrepreneurs must deal with many hurdles and if the team behind the venture has no IT background, as in our case, finding the right IT development service provider is key and it can take a very long time. We met with 5 IT service providers during a time span of more than 16 months. In all cases we never felt the team was the right fit for

When we first met with the Talpor team and drew our ideas on a blackboard they immediately engaged with our project. It impressed us that the challenge ahead was one of their biggest motivators

As of today, we have been working with them for 2 years and are extremely happy with the results. They gather in one sophisticated team all the experience and personalities necessary for a startup to thrive. We can only forecast a bright future for thanks to its great management team and strong IT infrastructure developed by Talpor. Talpor rocks!