Pollito Inglés

Start date: April 2012

Tags: Django, Web Design, Infrastructure

Pollito Inglés started as an online community where moms shared parenting advice and built relationships based on trust and respect. Pollito Inglés evolved into an e-commerce marketplace that targets Spanish-speaking moms who want to trade baby items like cribs, strollers, etc. It currently connects around 80,000 moms to whom we have now offered a free online e-commerce platform where over 8 thousand items have been published for sale.


Project Manager
1 to 2 Developers
  • One of Pollito's strengths is to provide moms with a colourful, simple and easy-to-use interface for them to interact with each other. We build this interface using current HTML5/CSS best practices.
  • We help moms by finding the closest, most useful items for their babies using a geolocalized search tool.
  • The project's key stone is a built-in e-commerce marketplace that we built using Django. It provides all kinds of useful features to trade, sell and buy baby items.