La Guía del Día

Start date: August 2010

Tags: Django, Web Design, Mobile, Infrastructure

LaGuiaDelDia is a communication channel that provides business owners the possibility to present their goods or services to the people who actually need it through digital media like smartphones, web portals and social networks. It provides users with a catalog of options to discover what's available near them every day. Using a novel Mobile Geolocation platform, you can find what you want to do in the area you're located, be it while out on the town or near your home and workplace.


Project Leader
Marketing team
1 to 3 Developers
  • La Guía del Día delivers information to our users depending on their location and their needs. We accomplish this thanks to our PostGIS-backed geolocation platform and a semantic search engine built on top of Solr.
  • Delivering the right information just when the user needs it is LaGuiaDelDia's key value, that’s why we created native applications for iOS, Android and a mobile version of the site to make the content accessible everywhere.
  • Understanding information behind data is key in every project. With La Guía del Día we use Elasticsearch and Kibana to build our own business intelligence platform to take informed decisions.