Jim Venetos Golf Academy

Start date: February 2013

Tags: Django, Infrastructure

Jim Venetos Golf Academy is an online school for golfers teaching Jim's unique swing method using video lessons and personalized one-on-one conversations between students and Jim himself. Jim has been training golfers for more than eighteen years and now his goal is to reach thousands of them boost their potential by sharing with them the universal mechanics he teaches using this e-learnning platform.


1 to 2 Developers
  • We developed a customized e-learning platform allowing users to get a personalized learning program suited to their specific goals.
  • The platform is designed so that users can interact directly with Jim as they progress through the lessons selected for them.
  • Users can upload videos for Jim to evaluate the mechanics of their swing. This videos are processed internally into a web-compatible format and uploaded S3 for streaming over CloudFront.
  • User subscriptions are handled using Paypal.
  • Videos are served using CloudFront's CDN to ensure users get get their content from servers near them, providing a top-quality streaming service.



Jim Venetos


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