Start date: November 2013

Tags: Django, Infrastructure

iEnergyApp is a report generation platform and sales tool for contractors. It allows contractors to automatically generate professionally formatted reports for homeowners in 30 minutes or less. iEnergyApp simplifies the cumbersome, time consuming process of formatting a report. The layout is specifically designed to facilitate the consultative in-home sales process. Users just have to provide the content and iEnergyApp takes care of the rest.


1 Developer
  • We created a simple yet powerful user interface leveraging AngularJS capabilities.
  • The backend uses Django REST Framework to expose an API for the AngularJS-based frontend to
  • Contractors generally have a predefined set of texts for each section of the report. To speed up the process even more, we created a template system that allows users to save texts for later use in other reports.
  • Reports are exported as PDF documents with a very attractive design.
  • We created a metered billing system where users pay for each generated report. All the payment processing is done using Stripe.



Jenn Saunders


A friend and fellow entrepreneur introduced me to talPor. I was nervous to meet with Talpor's team at first, I didn't think my idea was cohesive enough and I was worried they would ask me all kinds of questions I wouldn't know the answers to and then get frustrated and not want to work with me.

My first call with them put my mind at ease and everything became so much more manageable. I feel like Talpor understood the concept for my product perhaps better than I did and definitely better than I was able to communicate from just that one call. Talpor's insight and perspective is invaluable and makes working together to shape iEnergyApp a pleasure.