Start date: May 2013

Tags: Django, Infrastructure

Finding trusted talent in marketing is expensive and time-consuming. Hiring decision-makers spend millions of dollars and countless hours posting ads, scanning profiles, and working with recruiters. Meanwhile many of the best candidates... those that cost the least to find and stay the longest... come not from these costly channels, but through referrals from trustede sources. Exprtise helps employers find trusted candidates faster and cheaper through crowdsourced referrals -- leveraging an invitation-only community of trusted experts in the marketing field.


1 to 2 Developers
  • Exprtise is a big social network where users are somehow connected to each other. We built it so everyone could search for colleagues, know how they're connected and ask for introductions.
  • We created a deep integration with LinkedIn's API to make it easy for users to display their information and connect with their existing colleagues.
  • A lot of effort went into making Exprtise's lean and rich user interface, we used Backbone and CSS3 to create scalable and maintenable code.
  • We integrated with KissMetrics to track user's interactions with the site and find where we could improve their experience.