Product Development

The experience we have as developers and users of many applications gives us the insight you need when building your product. As we develop, we won’t only build what is asked of us, we’ll share our opinions about where the product is headed and make recommendations based on our expertise.

Frontend Development

Our designers will work side by side with you to build the look and feel of your application while our front-end developers make it come to life using the latest and greatest tools for interface development. We’re well versed in achieving full browser compatibility (yes, even IE), responsive design and providing a great experience for your users.

Backend Development

We’ll build a back-end that can handle the success of your product. Not all problems can be solved with the same tools and since we’ve worked with all kinds of frameworks and tools, we know which ones to use when it comes to building your application.

Mobile Applications

Building a mobile app can be done in many different ways, responsive design, native apps or HTML5 apps. We’ve done them all. We know the pros and cons of each so we’re prepared to make a case for the one that is right for you and your project.

Geolocalized systems

Providing relevant and location-aware information to your users is an important part of many popular apps. Building this functionality into your system is something we can help you with and our experience with it makes choosing the right tools for the job a simple task.

Scalability Setup

As your business grows, so will your project’s traffic and if it’s not handled properly, it can make you lose your momentum. We can help you prepare for success and keep your site up and running as your traffic grows.

System Administration

We have a highly qualified team of system administrators that will guide you through the process of setting up a top-notch infrastructure to make your application run smoothly. After that initial setup, we'll take care of maintaining and managing your servers so you can focus on growing your business.


The ultimate goal of a startup is to turn ideas into a sustainable business. Measuring how customers respond, and then deciding whether to pivot or persevere is a fundamental activity to accomplish that goal. The evolution of our products are oriented by conversions, we measure everything to understand and respond promptly when something is not delivering the expected results.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

We write tests for everything we do. Tests make deployments and development of new features a lot safer since we can easily check if we broke something before it affects users. But tests aren’t enough, we also run QA checks to review features for which writing tests is too complex.