We're entrepreneurs ourselves and understand that starting your own business is one of the most emotional things you can do in your career. You are passionate about an idea and need a team to work side by side with you because having the right team is key in this journey to success. That's where we come in.


The greatest asset talPor has is its team. We all have great qualities and are fully prepared to, not only develop your project, but to play a vital role in your success! Our team has been selected because they are the best. We take pride on the values and the vision from all members of our team.

Our team delivers the best results because we always have a personalized approach and we provide a prime service to all our clients and partners. Our team's capabilities, personalities, motivation and integrity is what makes us unique.

Our Strengths

  • We are entrepreneurs just like you, we understand the uncertainties of a new business.
  • We have extensive experience developing for entrepreneurs.
  • You will have a team dedicated exclusively to your project.
  • Our team is distributed around the world, probably there is someone close to you. We adapt to any timezone.
  • We are young, dynamic and innovative.
  • To be part of your success is our motivation.
Pedro Piñango
Daniel Barreto
Carlos Castillo
VP of R&D
Ismael Mendonça
Development Lead
Alberto Sanchez
Development Lead
Gustavo Pastorelli
Development Lead
Simón Castillo
Development Lead
Scarlett Pacheco
Product Manager
Adriana Domínguez
Design Lead
Sebastian Garantón
Design Lead
Steeven Castellanos
Graphic Designer
Mauricio Reyes
Software Engineer
Germán Jaber
Software Engineer
Max Rondon
Software Engineer
Andrés Salazar
Software Engineer
Hector Dominguez
Software Engineer
Gustavo Siñovsky
Software Engineer
Fernando Galíndez
QA Engineer
Luis Crespo
Software Engineer
Fabiana Mancusi
Marketing Assistant
Felipe Arreaza
Language Specialist