Three aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to start a new project using their background in tech to change people's lives for the better by disrupting an industry.

Soon enough, they faced the challenges and difficulties from the entrepreneur world, like getting funds to develop their new ideas and finding talent to help them traverse legal and corporate environments.

They met other entrepreneurs along the way, specialized in different areas, and generated a collaborative ecosystem by helping each other in the different areas where they excelled.

Those three aspiring entrepreneurs then decided to formalize that collaborative ecosystem into a company. And thus... Talpor was born, a company by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

After this point, Talpor participated in Wayra: a great place to learn about successful business models and applying technology to entrepreneurship.

Talpor also participated in TechStars and Startup Chile, which taught the company how to take an international approach on projects and jump into the global context.

As a bonus trait, we enjoy participating in a good ol ‘Hackathon occasionally and playing games.

Talpor's success is strongly related to its multidisciplinary team who is passionate about what they do and who are not afraid to break the wheel or to tackle new challenges.

NO. 1
We are entrepreneurs,
just like you

And we understand the uncertainties new businesses experience when they develop new products.
NO. 2
You will have a
and passionate team
exclusively dedicated
to your project.
NO. 3
We not only execute,
but we also help you know
what to execute.